Stain Sprayer – Control Series

Perfect for your small to medium interior & exterior staining projects like trim, furniture, and small decks and sheds. Faster than a brush and provides an even finish.


What is the difference between an airless sprayer and an HVLP sprayer?

A)  Airless Sprayers atomize coatings by forcing the product through a small tip opening at very high fluid pressure. The fluid pressures range from 1200-3600 PSI. Airless sprayers are capable of spraying larger surfaces at higher speeds. Airless…

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What is a difference between Control Series and FLEXiO Series?

A) The Control Series Sprayers are for staining and finishing small to medium sized projects and are capable of spraying low viscosity coatings. B) The FLEXiO Series Sprayers are a flexible solution for any type of…

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Can I spray paint with the Control Series?

A) The Control Spray Max and the Control Stainer 350 will spray some latex paints. B) Primer and latex paint & primer in one are not recommended to be used in the Control Series.

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Can I spray oil base products?

The Control series will spray both water-based and oil-based products.

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