Embossed Gift Tags

Add a personal touch to your presents with embossed gift tags! Use a Wagner heat gun and watch as your handwriting comes to life.
Project Type
FURNO 300 Heat Gun


You will be amazed when you see how easy it is to create your own DIY embossed gift tags! This is a fun, simple project for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and more!


Supplies for embossing gift tags

Gather Supplies

You’ll want paper gift tags, a Wagner heat gun, an embossing pen, and embossing powder. We cut our own gift tags out of kraft cardstock.

Step #1

Writing with embossing pen

Write the Names

Use the embossing pen to draw out cursive, calligraphy, all caps, bubble letters, or your normal handwriting on the gift tags.

Step #2

Pouring embossing powder on gift tag

Sprinkle Embossing Powder

Pour embossing powder onto the gift tags while the ink is still wet. Ensure what you wrote is fully covered.

Step #3

Pouring excess embossing powder into container

Pour Off Excess

Pour the excess embossing powder back into the jar so you can use it again later.

Step #4

Brushing away excess powder

Brush Off Remaining Powder

Sometimes, the powder will stick on the tag in unwanted areas. Having a dry paint brush to carefully remove the remaining particles was super helpful!

Step #5

Applying heat to embossed tags with heat gun

Apply Heat

Use your Wagner heat gun to apply heat to the gift tag. We used the FURNO 300 on the low setting and it took about 20 seconds.

Step #6

Applying heat to embossed tags with heat gun

Watch It Transform

Your handwriting will come to life right before your eyes! We found doing a few at a time worked well.

Step #7

Gifts wrapped with embossed gift tags

Wrap Gifts

Choose some fun wrapping paper, tie them up with string, and add your beautiful gift tags! You can do this for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and more.

Step #8

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