Embossed Greeting Cards

Use a Wagner heat gun to create embossed greeting cards!
Project Type
FURNO 300 Heat Gun


You can make your own embossed greeting cards and give to friends and family for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and more!


Supplies for embossed holiday greeting cards

Gather Supplies

Make sure you have blank cards and envelopes, a Wagner heat gun, embossing powder, embossing ink pad and/or embossing pen, stamps, and stickers.

Step #1

Plan for embossed holiday greeting cards

Plan Your Designs

Before you begin, feel free to plan out your designs. Don’t worry, this can change as you go. It’s just a nice starting point!

Step #2

Mini Christmas tree stamps

Stamp It

Press your stamp into the embossing ink pad and then onto your paper. Repeat as needed.

Step #3

Adding little details to Christmas tree pattern

Write It

Add details or write something with the embossing pen.

Step #4

Embossed mini gold Christmas trees on a card

Sprinkle Embossing Powder

Pour the embossing powder over your design before the ink dries. Shake off the excess and pour it back into the jar so you can use it again.

Step #5

Embossing mini Christmas trees with a Wagner heat gun

Heat It

Use your Wagner heat gun to activate the embossing powder! We used the FURNO 300 on the low setting and it only took about 20 seconds.

Step #6

Embossed mini gold Christmas trees on a card


Add stickers or other embellishments to make it even more unique. Fold it in half and your card is complete!

Step #7

Finished embossed holiday greeting cards

Write Inside

Now, you can start thinking about what you’ll write inside. This project is completely customizable, so you could do this for a variety of occasions including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries.

Step #8

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